What is Levitra Vardenafil – A Close Look

Levitra is the branded version of vardenafil HCl or generic Levitra, a prescription medication that is meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  The ED drug vardenafil HCl is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor, the same class the Viagra belongs to.  Vardenafil HCl is usually given to men suffering from sexual impotence and are seeking temporary relief from their disorder so they can have full usage of their penis to take part in sex.

The thing that makes vardenafil HCl popular among men with sexual impotence is that the medication not only has a fast acting action – about 16-20 minutes ‘til erectile response, but that the medication also has lesser side effects than the popular drug Viagra which can initiate visual changes and disturbances to some of its users.

The main action of vardenafil HCl that makes it effective is that it enables blood to easily be pumped inside the cavities within the penis.  Since erection only occurs when the corpus cavernosum has been filled with blood, vardenafil HCl ensure the smooth flow of blood by instructing the smooth muscles surrounding the corpus cavernosum cavity to relax, thus allowing blood to be pumped through the cavity.

The problem with some men though is that getting blood inside the penis seems to be tough for them, which is why getting an erection is somewhat out of the question.  The reasons behind such occurrence are vast and issues differ at a case to case basis.  The main thing that you could say they will have in common is that they cannot get their penis to get up.

A man gets an erection once he gets sexually stimulated.  Such stimulation can be brought by thought, sight, and touch.  When a man gets sexually stimulated, an erection usually occurs whether he wants it or not.  A man with sexual impotence however will not have an erection even if he chooses to or wants to have one. This is the case where generic Levitra comes in the scene – to help men with sexual impotence achieve an erection strong enough and long enough so that they can participate in sexual activity.

Additional Information

If you look at forums and comments regarding generic Levitra, you will find that their vardenafil reviews are mostly positive and that their review on even the highest dosage for generic Levitra, the vardenafil 20mg receives positive rating from those who have tried the drug.

When you compare dosages between Viagra and generic Levitra, you will find that the highest for generic Levitra is only vardenafil 20mg while the highest for Viagra is 100mg.  This is practically a fifth of the dose when taking Viagra further proving how effective and potent vardenafil HCl when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.  In fact, there are lots of vardenafil reviews to prove that vardenafil is the best ED help drug out there in the market.  If you are planning to use ED drug for your sexual disorder, be sure to tell your doctor to prescribe you with vardenafil HCl only.