Simple Yet Effective Ways on How to Increase Your Sex Drive

If you can eat something every day that would reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and successfully get some bonding quality time with your partner, would you do it?  Of course!  Unfortunately, there is no food or medicine that can do all these, but actually, there is a natural and more fun way to achieve this, with absolutely no side effects, and that is, having sex with your spouse.  But why are so many couples nowadays that let their relationships fall flat into a sex-free zone?  It’s actually not the wife’s fault, and of course, not the husband’s fault as well.

The culprit to this is one word – stress.  Let’s assume we have an average couple with 2 children in a household.  Think about the everyday chores that must be done – cooking meals 3 times a day, laundry, cleaning. Next is the work life of the couple.  Other things that can add up to a married couple’s problems are utility bills, mortgage, insurance, tuition, groceries, fuel, etc.  Let’s not forget about unexpected bills, especially when someone in the family gets sick.  Stir in all of these 365 days a year, and what you’ll get is a couple who would just want to kiss and hug their pillows, and try as much as they can to get a good night’s rest.

Everyone knows that having frequent and intimate sex is linked to happiness in a relationship.  It can even promote good health and well being for the couple, and if this is the case, their children will greatly benefit from this and enjoy growing in a happy family. For men and women who are married for years and have had children, they usually say they naturally want to be having more sex, but they somehow cannot get into the mood.   Here are some simple yet effective ways on how to fix that.

  • Ignite your passion – Anything that can wake up your sexual energy should be done to make things much easier for both of you.  For instance, some men and women can easily be aroused when they watch mild porn or look at sexy magazines.  Reading romance novels can also do the trick.  Imagination is key.

You and your partner can engage in enjoyable activities that both of you like to do, which is a proven method to help couples bond.  For instance, if both of you like to play tennis and this makes you feel great, you will tend to share those feelings of exhilaration with your partner.  Even by just jogging side by side, you are strengthening your bond as a couple.  Most couples even attend yoga classes because it is actually proven to be a direct turn-on.  Many studios offer workouts that mostly include intimate positions especially for couples.