Side Effects of HGH: The Myths and the Real Stories

HGH or the human growth hormone is a type of enzyme which our body naturally produces when the pituitary gland is activated to release such hormones. The largest levels of GH are produced during our adolescence period to keep up with the body’s demand for bone growth and development. However, these hormones are continually discharged as soon as the body has reached its full growth. The gradual discharging of these hormones from our body has major impacts on our immune system, organs, and the brain. When the GH levels become very low, people are starting to feel tired and experience the first symptoms of aging. Be aware that the brain does not secret normal hormone levels after a certain period of time, unless our body is triggered to produce more HGH through an external source.

Most people believe that growth hormone supplements, when consumed, can lead to serious side effects. The adverse effects you can read online are mostly a myth and have not been proven with visible evidence. However, the artificial growth hormones taken through HGH injection may have serious side effects since they are directly injected into the blood stream. The gravity of the side effects certainly varies from one person to the other, depending on many factors such as the health condition. It is also a myth that all people using HGH will suffer side effects. As long as they are not taken in an abused dosage, then certainly there is no reason for you to attain the unwanted side effects.

Doctors usually prescribe HGH injection for children who have suffered certain genetic conditions, such as dwarfism. They have benefited from the therapy by conquering the retarded growth condition and were able to live a normal and healthy life. However, stories about people who have suffered complications through the use of HGH supplements are not all true. Although there are cases when people who have taken high dosage of HGH supplements to achieve overnight results have faced serious side effects, take note that you will most probably become like them if HGH products are improperly used. The fact is that any medicines or drugs used or abused in a higher-than-normal dosage will make you feel sorry.

Millions of people around the globe who have taken growth hormones in a form of natural supplements and vitamins have reaped numerous health benefits. Testimonies for HGH supplements are available online which you can access from reliable sources so you too will understand how HGH supplements have changed their lives. You can also read real stories about those who have actually reduced their weight and gain muscles with HGH supplements. It is a fact that HGH supplements can make you feel and look young by keeping you active and improving skin texture. However, these results cannot be achieved overnight since the body needs to be accustomed with the supplements. It will usually take a couple of months before you can notice visible results in your body and overall health. Quick results by taking huge amount of dosage, whether in the form of pills or injectable HGH, however, will not bring you the desirable effects.