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If you suffer from a male sexual dysfunction aptly called “premature ejaculation” (PE), you are not alone.  This condition is actually normal when a man lacks sexual experience and is overly excited by the thoughts and feeling of finally being able to experience sex.  For most men, they experience early ejaculation within just a few thrusts during sexual intercourse.  Others, sadly, ejaculate even prior to vaginal penetration – a very embarrassing situation which can be forgiven as long as it does not happen again.  With practice and experience, most men though will be able to learn and develop techniques that can help them prolong their release.  Unfortunately, there are just some people who cannot seem to prolong their release and is paying a heavy toll on the overall satisfaction of their sex life.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, or that this sort of thing happens to you frequently and that different prolonging techniques do not exactly work on you, then the best solution to you problem will be to use medications that helps in prolonging your release.  One such medication, Priligy (dapoxetine), is considered to be the best treatment medication when it comes to early ejaculation.  Many who have PE and some men who don’t even have PE use Priligy to help make their sexual performance much better because they are able to last longer in bed and be able to totally satisfy their female partners.  The problem with Priligy is that it is not easily available in most pharmacies or drugstores.  Your best bet in acquiring this amazing drug is by buying Priligy online.

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