Generic Tadalafil – Probably the “Most Effective” among PDE5 Inhibitors Out There

Most people, when they talk about erectile dysfunction, think that ED is simply the incapability of achieving and/or sustaining an erection long enough for sexual contact.  The problem surrounding with erections may originate from medicines, chronic ailments, drinking too much alcoholic drinks, poor blood flow to the penile shaft, or the simple fact of being too tired and stressed out.  Medications, certain but simple lifestyle changes, and other treatments are often used as a means to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

A lot of men become nervous and embarrassed whenever they encounter the word erectile dysfunction, and the realization that they may have it.  If you are a man and you think you may have signs and symptoms that are screaming ED, then you must be prepared to face the facts.  It is advisable to stop worrying and begin learning things why men sometimes do not successfully get erections when they need or want it.

Of course, without erection, a man’s sexual life can become boring and dim.  However, you need to know that without the proper treatment, ED can make a man’s sexual life extremely difficult.  Most men typically learn (in the earlier stages of their search for the perfect ED treatment) that generic tadalafil is a great first-choice for ED.  But how is generic tadalafil more effective than the others?

In March 2013, a study was conducted to find out if generic tadalafil is really effective as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor for males who are suffering from (the devastating effects of) erectile dysfunction.

How the Study was Conducted

Researchers from China and Hong Kong have reviewed a total of 118 randomly-controlled trials which compared various orally-taken PDE5 inhibitors, mainly looking into the performance of the PDE5 inhibitors versus the effects of the placebo for males who are afflicted with the signs and symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.  The patients who have participated in the analysis totaled to 31,195.  By simply utilizing the first question from the Global Assessment Questionnaire, which was “While using the study medication, have you felt that your erections improved?”, they have assessed the outcomes via the use of the International Index of Erectile Function-Erectile Function domain score.

The Findings

The following are the scores of PDE5 inhibitors based on the Global Assessment Questionnaire:

  • Absolute Treatment Effect Mean

Generic tadalafil – had an absolute treatment effect mean of 0.75.

Sildenafil and vardenafil – both have had an absolute treatment effect mean of 0.73.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Domain Score

Generic tadalafil also had scored the highest on the ED domain score, with 9.21.

Vardenafil had an ED domain score of 8.39.

What This Means for General Practitioners

The researchers have concluded that generic tadalafil was probably the most effective among the PDE5 inhibitors out there for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.  The next one in line is vardenafil.   The main reason why generic tadalafil was chosen as the most effective is that it has also many other benefits, including patient preference, which means a lot of men prefer using this drug for their ED problems.  Furthermore, many of those who are first-time users of PDE5 inhibitors typically choose generic tadalafil as their first choice.