Different Vardenafil Reviews Shows Vardenafil as the Best ED Drug

In the world of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs, there are a multitude of contenders, but four are the only ones worthy of mention – Viagra (sildenafil), Stendra (avanafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Levitra (vardenafil).  Of the four PDE5 inhibitor ED drugs mentioned, three of them have identifiers, something that helps them with their popularity.  Viagra is easily known as the first ED drug that was revolutionary during its release; tadalafil is considered as the ED drug with the longest effect as it lasts several times longer than its competition; vardenafil on the other hand is considered by many as the most effective ED drug currently being sold in the market to date.

Different vardenafil reviews shows that this ED medication is the most effective of all ED treatment drugs as it has a higher efficacy rating than its competition.  Different surveys on ED meds showed their vardenafil reviews scoring an efficacy rating of 86%, whereas its nearest competition, Viagra, scores only 84%.  Aside from such surveys, independent vardenafil reviews by those who suffer from male impotence themselves show vardenafil as the best overall ED medication.

When you read different vardenafil reviews, you will learn from those vardenafil reviews that this ED drug is popular not just because it is very effective, but also because it is very safe to use by those who suffer from certain diseases wherein they cannot take other ED meds.  Different professional vardenafil reviews claim that vardenafil is actually safe to use by those who suffer from prostate issues, hypertension, and even diabetes.  But of course, this is considering they follow strictly their doctor’s instructions.  Vardenafil reviews say that vardenafil is also safe in another way as this ED treatment drug gives you the least amount of side effects that are normally found with PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  Either you do not encounter the side effects, or you encounter them with the least severity, if you use vardenafil according to vardenafil reviews.

Of course, vardenafil reviews mention that this ED drug is the overall best not just because it is the most effective and safe, but also because it has the fastest acting effect of any other ED med available.  Vardenafil reviews rates this ED drug as being able to take full effect in just 20 minutes, whereas most other ED treatment drugs require you to take them at least an hour prior to any scheduled sexual intercourse.  This is the very reason why some vardenafil reviews wittingly claimed that vardenafil is the drug ideal for men who frequently have unscheduled sexual intercourses as its fast acting time enables them to have the erection they need in the shortest time possible.

Although vardenafil does not have the longest duration as this title goes to tadalafil, nevertheless, according to vardenafil reviews, vardenafil is still able to outdo Viagra under this category as vardenafil is able to provide you with an effective duration of 6-10 hours, whereas Viagra only offers you a measly 4 hours of effective duration.  This is the very reason why different ED drug reviews and vardenafil reviews all agree that vardenafil is the best overall ED treatment drug.