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3 Essential Hair Care Routine for Men

When it comes to hair care or any type of hair treatment, men are usually in the woods and lost.  This is because according to their understanding, as long as you shampoo your hair regularly, then it is already okay without the need for any additional fuss.  The truth is men require more than just shampooing and that they need to have a regular hair care routine similar to how women have their own hair care routine.

Whether a man sports a short hair or a long hair, it is still hair nevertheless.  Hair care is regardless of gender and a hair care routine must be set as long as there is hair involved.  Having a hair care routine will not only protect your hair from certain types of hair damages, but it will also protect is from other unnecessary hair damages.  Having a hair care routine does not make you less manly, but it will make you even more attractive towards the opposite sex because it shows how well-groomed you are.  This is because being well-groomed is also a sign of tidiness and self-respect.  But what type of hair care routine is suitable for the classic male type? Continue reading

The 4 Types of Hair Loss and How Finasteride Can Help

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There are many reasons why men tend to lose their hair, but because every human is a unique individual, one man’s problem that causes him to lose hair is entirely different from the other one.  There are actually four types of hair loss in men, and if you are suffering from some kind of genetically-related male-pattern hair loss, then this will help you determine what kind of hair loss you may be experiencing and what are the possible things you can do to stop it in its tracks and maybe even have the chance to reverse it before it is too late.

The 4 Types of Hair Loss in Men

  • Steady Hair Loss – Our hair follicles require a constant assortment of nutrients in order to maintain quick growth and elongation.  If in case you are noticing that you are shedding more hair than usual for about 2 to 3 months in succession, then you can simply check and evaluate your diet:  Very little zinc, biotin, or iron can induce hair to undergo into starvation stage.  In order to restore these specific nutrients, you can simply eat more broccoli, eggs, spinach and other foodstuffs that can give you zinc and iron.  Furthermore, it does not hurt your budget to include a daily multivitamin to your daily health routine, such as Centrum. Continue reading

Simple Tips on How to Stop Hair Loss

It is said that losing a couple of hair per day is natural.  It is a common occurrence that all of us are familiar with.  On any given day, experts claim that losing up to around 100 hairs is not a cause for alarm.  This is also the case for most men.  However, if going bald runs in the family, then it is possible that the genetic trait may have been passed on to you.  If this is the case, there is really nothing you can do about the circumstance, except maybe take some actions in slowing down its progression.

If you are a young man and are likely to possess the genetic trait or hair loss within you, then it is important that you understand that growing bald does not happen in your thirties or forties, but in fact, it happens in as early as your twenties.  The thing with this male pattern baldness is that it does not manifest until during your thirties.  Balding does not happen overnight but more like it creeps its way to that point.  If male pattern baldness runs in your blood, then the first signs of the condition that you should look for would be the thinning of your hair, with the scalp being visible through the hair.  The next more obvious signs of course are the reduction of your hair line at the temples, and the balding of the crown. Continue reading

Myths about Hair Loss and the True Solution to Hair Loss

The common term for androgenic alopecia is male pattern baldness and it is the most common source of baldness for men accounting to nearly 90% of the types of hair losses a man can encounter.  Male pattern baldness is actually a dilemma for every man because it not only makes them lose their self-confidence, but they get depressed about their condition and physical appearance as well, especially when they are vain about their looks and how they appear in public.  This makes this condition about next to erectile dysfunction in men.

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Getting a Close Look on the Hair Loss Finasteride 1mg Generic

The drug finasteride  goes by the trade name of Proscar and Propecia and both are manufactured by Merck & Co.  At first, finasteride generic (Proscar) was released for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is basically an enlargement of the prostate.  The dosage for this is 5mg of finasteride.  The drug needs to be taken continuously and results can only be seen after several months of continuous use.  It was during this time that men who had enlarge prostate as well as male pattern baldness found out that the medication somehow stopped the progression of their hair loss.  There were numerous patients who also experienced the same thing and so the manufacturer decided to do some clinical testing on it.  Later, it was found that at much lower dosage than the current 5mg, could finasteride 1mg generic be used to combat male pattern baldness. Continue reading