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Tips on How You can Increase Your Baby’s Height

There are hardly any parents who do not want to have their baby to be taller than other babies.  In fact, most parents will feel very proud about this.  If the growth of your child is smooth without any hindrance in growth such as sickness, then it is likely that you baby will grow to be taller than other children who have had some sort of hindrance during their first few months of growth.

While the above statement is true, you cannot rule the fact that genetics also plays a big role in the overall height of a child.  If both parents are tall and the overall heredity of both parents is tall, it is likely that the child will grow tall.  Even if some type of medical issue is brought upon the child, while that child may not reach the supposed height they were to reach, the child will still be tall, nevertheless. Continue reading

How to Create Great Dialogues With Your Kids

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our kids more often were willing to share about how they feel and what they think about in their world and in their everyday life experiences? Many kids fear sharing their thoughts and ideas.

We wonder why some kids become shrinking violets and somehow fade away into the woodwork! As parents, we often find ourselves asking them a lot of questions yet have very few (if any) responses. The answers may be as simple as a child who feels intimidated or criticized, and is afraid to put him or herself on the line. Some kids “shut down,” and refuse to open up. We may almost find ourselves “mind-reading” our kids to get answers. We read between the lines so-to-speak. Our hope is that there can be sharing and bonding with great dialogue.

Teenagers are especially good at spacing out sometimes, and they may attempt to live in an almost isolated world where parents dare not enter. As parents, we can respect the fact that teens need their own space to reflect and gather their thoughts. However, constant isolation is a behavior that may indicate a need for intervention or professional help. Continue reading